Our Specialization
  1. Mechanical Installation
  • In HVAC and Utility Systems Division
  • Industrial Engineering
  1. Plumbing, Sanitary and Fire fighting

  2. Electrical Installations Read more

Our Services

The major activities that our company engaged are


•  Mechanical Installation


1.1. HVAC and Utility Systems Division:

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems for Residential Buildings , Commercial, Office, Hotels, Hospitals and industrial plants

  • Design, installation and commissioning of utility systems (Electrical distribution system, steam generation & distribution system, compressed air system, water distribution system/Pump house system, chilled water system, fire fighting systems etc…) for industrial plants, Hospitals, Hotels and others.

  • Cold rooms and refrigeration equipments

  • LP gas lines supply and installation

  • Design, manufacture and assemble ventilation ducts, Kitchen Hoods, Laboratory Hoods

1.2. Industrial Engineering

  • Erecting differ rent factories including(food, textile, Water and chemical plants etc)

  • Machinery selection, layout design, erection and commissioning of unit and production line machines.

  • Design, supply and commissioning of industrial Electrical systems.

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of electro-mechanical equipments and machineries.

Plumbing, Sanitary and Fire fighting

Our Plumbing Division handles all aspects of Plumbing, Drainage & Fire Fighting works. The services consists of complete Supply & Installation of

  • Waste,

  • Chemical Waste Drainage Systems; 

  • Domestic and Industrial Cold, Hot and Hot Water Return Systems;

  • Entire Fire Fighting System according

  • Supply and Installation of Pumps,

  • Compressed Air Vacuum Systems,

  • Medical Gas System                                              


Electrical Installations

  • Cabling, cable tray works

  • Distribution and Control panels

  • Generators,

  • Transformer and Sub-Stations.

  • Installation of Overhead and Underground Lines.

  • Complete power and control for pumping station.